Monday, July 30, 2007

My all time favourite quote

This something I read while in school , its written by Rabindranath Tagore . Granted its a little cold and I dont agree with it or live by it , but it explains human nature splendidly well . So here it is
"O poor unthinking human heart . Error will not go away, logic and reason fail to penentrate. We cling with both arms to false hope, refusing to believe the weightiest of proofs against it .In the end it escapes ripping our veins and draining our hearts blood; until regaining consciousness we rush to fall into the snares of delusion all over again "
so I guess we all some self destructiveness in there somewhere and if you look hard enough you'll find it , trust me don't look :D lol

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Assinine double standards.. enough already

What is with Indian society and its absolutely stupid double standards. Yes I do agree that we can't apply all the same rules for men and women but the way Indian society looks at certain issues is just utter. For instance, why is it alright for a male to stray in a marriage but when the woman does it all hell breaks loose. She might as well get a new identity and move to a different continent. I mean I'm not prowomen strayin in marriage,hell no but why do the men get excused. Like its no big deal, they can do what they want to your job as a wife is to sit quietly and accept his apology. If he does apologise that is, if he doesnt well shut up and deal with it anyway.
There is no excuse what so ever!
Even with relationships its the same thing, maybe its slightly better because women have he option of walking out, though it may tarnish their reputation a wee bit!
Next scenario,your brother gets to party but you dont even though he gets home pissed drunk every time and you dont (say when you went for a dance or something). The reason you get is that he a is boy and your a girl even though you would handle yourself better under the same situation, being your gender could harm you!
When a boy is sexually abused there is a huge hue n cry n the offender gets his due and whatever else required,BUT if a woman gets raped a little news paper coverage some discussion and then they insult the girl by saying that she was asking for it!Who asks to get raped,who would want to suffer in that way ? Wearin what you want is your freedom of expression,which sadly women truely don't have. It takes alot for someone to come up and make it known to the authorities that she has been raped. After that the way society looks at her changes , she gets labelled, insulted by officials who say she asked for it maybe even mistreated by them.
After all that we wonder why so many rape cases are go past unreported. Who would want to report it after seeing the treatment meted out to those that do. It would take alot of strenght to do so. There is no excuse whatsoever for raping someone ,none. The victim could have been roaming around naked and men would not have the right to touch her .
I know men are not brilliantly endowed with self control but a little effort on their part would do a whole lot of good.All we are asking for is a little self respect, is that too much to ask for ?

Friday, July 27, 2007

The open road

The lost time stands between you and me
Bridging gaps centuries old
I can barely walk let alone stand
But you have come to lead me
Holding me you help me find a way back to sanity
Caught between today and tomorrow
Afterthoughts brings so much sorrow
But now is my time to fly
So I break away from my cocoon
And I'm off into the midnight sky


Well as usual when your in the 12th people ask you "So what do you want to do next?". I always thought I had the answer to that question, yes I planned my career out, but then out of the blue, rather I think it was afterI started economics more specifically I was confused. Me the one who could proudly say she made up her mind was confused. I faced all kinds of nonsense whenI decided that I would be heading to art college " Are you sure you want to do this?" etc etc, endured it and put my foot down and now, now I'm confused .Since I'm more stubborn or strong minded than any ass for me to say I've changed my mind after all of that isnt going to be easy, I cant stand the "I told you so" phase, I just cant ,but I'm still confused , torn between fine art and business administration and have no clue which road to walk down. I like both and both are fulfilling. Sigh, I am absolutely torn *throws hands up in the air *. HELP!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Revelation

Everyone's gone now its just you, all alone
Sitting there you realise that, well you always were
Nobody can truly know you , but atleast you gave them a chance
I hid behind fake smiles and charm
I still wonder where this all begins
I have nothing to give you
I stand bare handed
Can't you see .. they picked at my bones and divivded my soul
Can't you hear them say " go away .. there isn't anything there
But I do exist .. I withstood it all
Just now I'm afraid to crawl out of the dark
Scared to feel , to dream ,to hope
No ones found me
I'm scared you may
Don't go if I push you
Its the strenght that does that
The part of me that is trying to be realistic rationlizes and says
You shouldnt bother ,why have a memory of the beauty to torture yourself
Take your call ..
Nobody stays.. those who do dont know
I hope you stay and I hope you find me
Don't give up on me just yet
But then who am I to bind you here

So whats all the hype about

So after a long time of people telling me I should be blogging and asking why I dont( not that I care or listen to what people say, not in the least). I finally got kheeda to write something, since most of what of I write is not print material( due to explicit content) I had to find another way and what better way than to blog ! Generally I stay far away from anything thats over hyped ,Harry Potter ,excessive amounts of candy pink etc. I'm more of a low key random kind of person, though that can all change. Some one told me once that my problem was that I'm too wild (has that ever been a problem for anyone,ever!) being wild is part of hippie nature.. its all subject to interpretation though, its all subjective.And maybe some women are not meant to be tamed.