Monday, March 24, 2008

Pressure keeps mounting

Every corner something new arises

We need to embrace it to gain acceptance

Compromise on our beliefs to be called open minded

We've become leeches trying to latch on to the ride , to our fake reality

Trying always to achieve perfection, but what is perfection?

Can it really be defined

Cynical and bitter inside , silently hoping that it won't seep through the mask and plastered smile

Caught in the momentum of everyday life

I feel no pain , I feel no strife

Life loses its lustre like silver in time

Now some how there seems to be no real place for me any more

A misfit in a world of individuals

My feelings varied like the colours of the spectrum

Though so different they merge to form one

Riding high on the wings of my soul

Trying to escape the midday mayhem and the chaos of everyday life

But then get stung in the face by ice cold reality

Well I guess in the end I will carve my own niche as I will always be me


The veil slips and she lowered her face
The moment capsized into nothingness, oblivion
Warmth; a new element in her world ,she dare not venture forth
Tracing little pools with her toes, curious and cautious was this nymph
The urn fell, shattered
Oh, how beautifully it reflects light
The last drop drained
Indeed what a beautiful light