Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Good intentions pave the way to hell

So if you take an interest in politics , you will have noticed some similarities between what is happening in maharashtra now and germany in the 1940's. Of course the levels of violence differ vastly, many things have changed since the 1940's . The similarity though lies in the principle behind the violence , or the justification.
The MNS has done some valuable work no doubt. For those that don't know MNS provides training for the marathi manoos so that he can be self dependent and occupy posts that would be taken from him by outsiders. Simple things , not engineers or anything of the sort , but vendors and the like .The mistake is instigating the people to strike out against their fellow indians that happen to flock to the city for a job oppurtunity that would in turn (through tax) help the state .
The main reason for that kind of outburst would be insecurity.This is also where we can see similarity.Hitler did do some good, but the good that he did was overpowered by the bad.He believed that the germans were are pure race and needed proper living space, jobs etc . Now if you go back to germany then the reason he picked on the jews was because they were doing extremely well for themselves, hence depriving the true germans of oppurtunities . So his sollution was out with the jews.
Now look at maharashtra , MNS said that the marathi manoos were jobless , and we needed to get rid of the outsiders in the state as they were depriving the marathi manoos of jobs and taking up their area etc.Well there are ways of proving competence other than getting rid of the competition now arent there.None of the other metros that face the same problem of migration have reacted in such a manner.
Well I have done my duty of stating the obvious

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Finger pointing , the new Goan obsession

Actually I'm wondering whether this frenzy of finger pointing is new , because if I remember right then it always existed in a form . Government and the opposition pointing fingers at each other , through party owned local dailies or should I say party "influenced" local dailies. A faulty plan or proposition would lead to such a scenario and we are transported back to a second grade class room where the dialogue goes "he did it !" hand outstreched, finger pointing.
Putting the blame onto someone else isn't solving anyones problems. The roads still have pot holes, the hills still get cut , the women are still not safe. Accepting responsility and taking initiative would be the course of action followed by a mature person but unfortunately for us goans we elect people that are fit to be in the second grade , sly underhanded second graders.And it really makes you think if there is knowledge of the term pro active in the state.
What is appreciated is the people of goa have woken up a tad bit , meetings are held by citizens and plans have been thwarted.So there may be a tiny ray of hope somewhere behind the huge black cloud that covers the goan sky.