Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A tribute to a man who changed the world

I was fortunate enough to have met in my lifetime a man who exemplified the quote "Be the change you want to see in the world." You may call me an idealist but I say this is possible because I saw it , everyday for almost two years.
He did the very best he could within the boundaries that life chose to place on him, he tried to always be the best man he could, at all times. A jack of all trades and master of most.
He had faith in people that never seemed to die no matter how hard life hit him.

He had faith in me, though I never earned it, He looked beyond the superficial nature of a situation , He saw beyond my rebellion and saw the potential and subtly and in His own unique way managed to to make me dream , dream big to achieve bigger. He challenged his students and ushered them forward but never did He pushed us over the edge.

I honestly feel that the way to change the world is through a classroom and that is why I say Sir Glenn changed the world, for we will never forget him like He never forgot us. We will carry him , his message and his knowledge in our hearts.He once said to us "Take root in the soil but grow and let the branches of your knowledge go throughout the world."

There were a hundred things He could have done yet He chose to teach, because I guess that He knew thats what He was probably born to do. Never have I seen a teacher so passionate about teaching, so passionate about learning and basically about life itself. As my tribute to him I will attain success in measures that He would have wanted me to and spread His passion for life and His ideals through the world. They say good men die young and that was certainly true in this case. We miss you Sir and we will carry your light to the world.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

As I smell the coffee

I was just wondering , what are people going to eat ? If they survive global warming, natural disasters and of course , some one Else's war . Love and fresh air sure isn't going to do the trick, I don't think the air will be fresh by then anyway .
Global hunger has officially begun. Maybe be we haven't noticed because we are to busy obsessing over our rising status in the world economy, or maybe we were busy converting agricultural land to commercial land or something of the sort.
What people don't realise is that all the worrying and fretting about development is going to lead them no where, we need to invest now in what is truly important, the environment.
What I would like to ask you is , when all the food and water is gone are you ready to eat money ?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I believe

1) that all good things must come to an end or they would turn bitter and we would not remember them fondly.

2)that world isn't fair , so you don't always get as much as you give , but you need to still carry on giving for the sake of those who have had more taken away from them than you have .

3)that no matter how empty you feel when a dear one has left ,the whole "I can't live without you" is drama. Simply because you lived before them, you will live after, maybe even better than before.

4)that there is no point travelling , if the only feel your going to get of the place is through the window of a seven star hotel.After all what part of them are you taking back?

5)that though there may be many things wrong with the world right now, we need to see the good in each soul. As my Nana always said give someone three faults and then count their positives.

6)that every small action has the ability to make a big change. Your action may not be the cause of the change but it may empower someone else , and you would have taken part in that process

7)we need to stop focusing solely on development , because when all the food is gone you can't eat money.(F.Y.I Global hunger has started )

8)that no ones needs anybody else, but we want them, and that makes all the difference.

9)that feminism is not about saying men are evil pieces of crap, but about gaining respect for ourselves because of who we are through our achievements and not because of what we look like .

10)that you don't need anyone's approval , the validation process begins and ends with you.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Good intentions pave the way to hell

So if you take an interest in politics , you will have noticed some similarities between what is happening in maharashtra now and germany in the 1940's. Of course the levels of violence differ vastly, many things have changed since the 1940's . The similarity though lies in the principle behind the violence , or the justification.
The MNS has done some valuable work no doubt. For those that don't know MNS provides training for the marathi manoos so that he can be self dependent and occupy posts that would be taken from him by outsiders. Simple things , not engineers or anything of the sort , but vendors and the like .The mistake is instigating the people to strike out against their fellow indians that happen to flock to the city for a job oppurtunity that would in turn (through tax) help the state .
The main reason for that kind of outburst would be insecurity.This is also where we can see similarity.Hitler did do some good, but the good that he did was overpowered by the bad.He believed that the germans were are pure race and needed proper living space, jobs etc . Now if you go back to germany then the reason he picked on the jews was because they were doing extremely well for themselves, hence depriving the true germans of oppurtunities . So his sollution was out with the jews.
Now look at maharashtra , MNS said that the marathi manoos were jobless , and we needed to get rid of the outsiders in the state as they were depriving the marathi manoos of jobs and taking up their area etc.Well there are ways of proving competence other than getting rid of the competition now arent there.None of the other metros that face the same problem of migration have reacted in such a manner.
Well I have done my duty of stating the obvious

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Finger pointing , the new Goan obsession

Actually I'm wondering whether this frenzy of finger pointing is new , because if I remember right then it always existed in a form . Government and the opposition pointing fingers at each other , through party owned local dailies or should I say party "influenced" local dailies. A faulty plan or proposition would lead to such a scenario and we are transported back to a second grade class room where the dialogue goes "he did it !" hand outstreched, finger pointing.
Putting the blame onto someone else isn't solving anyones problems. The roads still have pot holes, the hills still get cut , the women are still not safe. Accepting responsility and taking initiative would be the course of action followed by a mature person but unfortunately for us goans we elect people that are fit to be in the second grade , sly underhanded second graders.And it really makes you think if there is knowledge of the term pro active in the state.
What is appreciated is the people of goa have woken up a tad bit , meetings are held by citizens and plans have been thwarted.So there may be a tiny ray of hope somewhere behind the huge black cloud that covers the goan sky.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Pressure keeps mounting

Every corner something new arises

We need to embrace it to gain acceptance

Compromise on our beliefs to be called open minded

We've become leeches trying to latch on to the ride , to our fake reality

Trying always to achieve perfection, but what is perfection?

Can it really be defined

Cynical and bitter inside , silently hoping that it won't seep through the mask and plastered smile

Caught in the momentum of everyday life

I feel no pain , I feel no strife

Life loses its lustre like silver in time

Now some how there seems to be no real place for me any more

A misfit in a world of individuals

My feelings varied like the colours of the spectrum

Though so different they merge to form one

Riding high on the wings of my soul

Trying to escape the midday mayhem and the chaos of everyday life

But then get stung in the face by ice cold reality

Well I guess in the end I will carve my own niche as I will always be me


The veil slips and she lowered her face
The moment capsized into nothingness, oblivion
Warmth; a new element in her world ,she dare not venture forth
Tracing little pools with her toes, curious and cautious was this nymph
The urn fell, shattered
Oh, how beautifully it reflects light
The last drop drained
Indeed what a beautiful light

Monday, January 28, 2008

On retirement

No, it's not what you are thinking. I am not retired nor thinking of retiring. I am too young and have many glorious work filled days ahead of me, and I doubt( highly) that I will ever (completely) retire. Not out of compulsion ,it's just easier. Working involves no emotions, no emotions means no conflict with self (type:approach-approach)which in essence will make it much much easier.
I know its strange coming from a female, since women are very into the whole emotional sphere and all that , but I am unique that way , or atleast thats what I suppose.
Anyway, to me we never retire. Never really retire anyway as we always end up doing soemthing or the other . Women start sitting in the balcaos and gossiping or start arranging matches(typical of goans) or the men take to fishing , real estate or head to the "club" where they have discussions( their term for gossip).
When I think of retirement I think of absolute calm and lack of any activity , withdrawal in a sense. In our lives we have phases of retirement, when we turn away from the world to sit aside and rediscover ourselves , others or a passion /goal. It helps to regenerate the energy that is sapped by the mundane nature of the things that generally surround us. A time to look within maybe, discover things that lay hidden for years , conquer fears. So we never truly retire , completely.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Running into my past

Well yesterday I found a piece of poetry(or something like it ) I had written in the 9th or 10th grade and goodness is it morbid. I didnt even recognise my own work , a little shocked ,anyway I think it would an interesting read and for those who never seen this side of me ,well there are lots of things you don't know about me , here is one of them . I haven't thought of a title for this one so suggestions are most welcome .

Standing alone , the cold rain washes away my tears

Faces in the distance smile and sympathise, but on different levels we do not merge ,their sympathy means nothing

No one usually gets past the outer sphere , but those few whom I hold so near seem so far away

And truth be told being a loner is not my thing I doubt it is anyone's

I long for someone , but somehow still let very few in

I hate standing alone in the rain, I cut myself to feel again even if its just pain

Numbness is not unknown to me

I have little happiness and very little joy , but those moments have passed on into oblivion

Well I have to smile and carry on , but I'll always be waiting for to pass me by again my friend

I miss the things we did , thoughts we shared basically just you

I would give up many things to have those moments back , to be with them and call them dear

But life drags everyone in a different direction and in each there is a lesson to be learnt ,a lesson that will change who you are forever

I was happy the way I was ,then pulled into this new street, into solitude

I'll wait and learn and then hopefully see light and happiness again

Till then farewell dear ones , till we meet again .

Resolution time once again

Well well so its new year again, its been a great run and thanks to all those who have been a part of my pretty amazing year. There have been ups and downs as usual, new tastes in music ,new favourite people , new ideas and new levels of intelligence, new places new experiences and so so so much more . Its been crazy , really crazy a its been a year with no regrets. This year I want to be a little less whacko hence a resolution or little resolutions with a time line , I mean I love my wild ways but its nice to be able to look back and have a clear picture of what you've done . So these aren't exactly resolutions , just things I would love to do.
Well here goes
1) make better use of my abilities and don't let them go to waste, paint more often , act in plays , dance etc
2)update this damned thing every week, so theres lots more coming .
3)make myself a priority, something I've never managed to do, everything else is more important or comes first , so lets give it a shot this year as well.
4)be more adventurous , you can interpret that in what ever way you want to
So wish me luck then