Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I believe

1) that all good things must come to an end or they would turn bitter and we would not remember them fondly.

2)that world isn't fair , so you don't always get as much as you give , but you need to still carry on giving for the sake of those who have had more taken away from them than you have .

3)that no matter how empty you feel when a dear one has left ,the whole "I can't live without you" is drama. Simply because you lived before them, you will live after, maybe even better than before.

4)that there is no point travelling , if the only feel your going to get of the place is through the window of a seven star hotel.After all what part of them are you taking back?

5)that though there may be many things wrong with the world right now, we need to see the good in each soul. As my Nana always said give someone three faults and then count their positives.

6)that every small action has the ability to make a big change. Your action may not be the cause of the change but it may empower someone else , and you would have taken part in that process

7)we need to stop focusing solely on development , because when all the food is gone you can't eat money.(F.Y.I Global hunger has started )

8)that no ones needs anybody else, but we want them, and that makes all the difference.

9)that feminism is not about saying men are evil pieces of crap, but about gaining respect for ourselves because of who we are through our achievements and not because of what we look like .

10)that you don't need anyone's approval , the validation process begins and ends with you.