Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A tribute to a man who changed the world

I was fortunate enough to have met in my lifetime a man who exemplified the quote "Be the change you want to see in the world." You may call me an idealist but I say this is possible because I saw it , everyday for almost two years.
He did the very best he could within the boundaries that life chose to place on him, he tried to always be the best man he could, at all times. A jack of all trades and master of most.
He had faith in people that never seemed to die no matter how hard life hit him.

He had faith in me, though I never earned it, He looked beyond the superficial nature of a situation , He saw beyond my rebellion and saw the potential and subtly and in His own unique way managed to to make me dream , dream big to achieve bigger. He challenged his students and ushered them forward but never did He pushed us over the edge.

I honestly feel that the way to change the world is through a classroom and that is why I say Sir Glenn changed the world, for we will never forget him like He never forgot us. We will carry him , his message and his knowledge in our hearts.He once said to us "Take root in the soil but grow and let the branches of your knowledge go throughout the world."

There were a hundred things He could have done yet He chose to teach, because I guess that He knew thats what He was probably born to do. Never have I seen a teacher so passionate about teaching, so passionate about learning and basically about life itself. As my tribute to him I will attain success in measures that He would have wanted me to and spread His passion for life and His ideals through the world. They say good men die young and that was certainly true in this case. We miss you Sir and we will carry your light to the world.