Saturday, April 28, 2012

A letter to my uncle Churchill*

*Author is not related to the politician though she has been accused of being so on numerous occasions, the only connection is the same last name.

Dear Mr. Churchill Alemao,
I write to offer my sympathy about the recent elections. Well actually I am not sorry you lost the elections. You had a good run with being an MP in Goa, you looted and plundered during your reign before that as well. 
You lost because the people of the state got smarter than to elect you for a few goodies once again. Blaming a parish priest or the ex CM might help you sleep better at night but everyone knows that is not why you lost the elections.
You were at some point during your political tenure had the portfolio of rural development. During that tenure is most rural areas in South and North Goa, mining corporations set up mines, most illegal and the land acquired by means fair and foul. What part of that destruction was development according to you?
You might say well it provides jobs to those who would otherwise have to travel to the city for work. Well once again, you were wrong. In the mining infested areas of Goa there are few locals that would actually want jobs in mines.
Their fields are not cultivable now, their water unfit to drink, their livelihood and health are compromised. In what way exactly do you think this better for them? Areas that sustained themselves entirely, water straight from springs, grew their own food, are now forced to be dependent on other sources for income.
As a public works and development minister you were accused of misappropriation of Rs. 300 crore, money that was actually part of the PWD funds. The case never came up in the papers again after a few days. That may lead you to think that the Goan people have forgotten about the incident. Clearly they haven’t as evident in the election results.
Your days of being the mastermind puppeteer were bound to come to an end at some point. You could only hide behind the secular banner of the congress for so long. The Goan people may have hoped while choosing between the devil and the deep blue sea, that you were the lesser evil.
I am glad the day has arrived when they have woken up, realised that voting you out was their only option.
It is a great day when an independent candidate can contest against a political thug like you and win. That surely must give you an idea of what the people feel about you now.
I do hope you never find a place in politics again.
Desiree Alemao


Anonymous said...

;) n yes i totally agree with you but at the same time i like the working of the Bjp although im not a keen friend of them... they tend to work in a simpler manner in complex matters.... ;)

Anonymous said...

emmm had read this article a few months back ...
i do think he stands out frm the rest .. but lets see waht he has instore for goa the next 5 yrs ;)

business goa said...

dezieee!!! i super love this!!! :) :)

Desiree Alemao said...

@Business Goa, thanks :) I am glad you do.

@Anonymous, they work in a simpler manner in complex issues but I think that's what gets the work done as opposed to mulling it over forever. Don't you?

Anonymous said...

yup ;)

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Anonymous said...

..... almost a yr later.!!:P

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